• AA Social Membership is open to any person 18 years old and above
  • AA Social Membership is tagged to the member and is non-transferable.
  • AA Social Members are not entitled to Roadside Assistance Services but can enjoy other AA Membership benefits and privileges
  • The provision of Membership Services is subject to AA’s Constitution and Terms and Conditions
  • AA reserves the right to review the Terms and Conditions of Membership at any time without prior notice
  • Applicants are required to complete all fields, otherwise the application will be deemed invalid. Applicants are also required to submit their photograph within seven (7) days of their application, failing which, services will be suspended.

No entrance fee or any proportionate part of a Member’s subscription shall be refunded, for any reason, upon termination of Membership


The AA Membership is personal and non-transferable. The Member must be present at the breakdown location when our recovery crew arrives to provide service.

Change of Address

It is important for a Member to notify the Association whenever there is a change of mailing addresses so that regular communication between the Association and Member can be maintained.

Please give your name, Membership number, contact number, and mailing and email addresses when communicating with the Association for ease of reference. To update your Membership details, please email to aa-membership@aas.com.sg.

Membership Card

The NRIC / Passport / FIN number printed on your Membership Card is your AA Membership number. Always carry your Membership Card with you for easy identification.

Applicants are required to submit their photograph within seven (7) days of their application, failing which, services will be suspended.

In the event that you do not have your AA Membership Card with you when calling for Roadside Assistance Services, you are required to present your NRIC, Passport or Employment Pass for verification purposes.


Roadside Assistance Services

RAS are provided to AA Members (except Social Members) island wide, 24 hours a day and governed by the AA service policy and terms and conditions. AA reserves the right to amend the Service Policy or terms and conditions.

Service Policy^

Roadside Assistance Services are only rendered for cars that cannot be driven due to mechanical or electrical failures. Services provided cover the following:

  1. Restarting
  2. Standard towing, where standard towing refers to the use of the tow-truck's recovery fork to lift the front two wheels of the passenger car off the ground.
  3. Changing of flat tyres (replacement with the Member's spare tyre)
  4. Petrol top-up
  5. Battery replacement
  • Roadside assistance essentially the provision of restart service to Members
  • Members, or their appointed representative, are required to accompany the tow truck. This is to facilitate ease of locating the workshop as well as to prevent misunderstandings arising from damage to the car and missing items, etc.
  • In the event that the car cannot be restarted under roadside conditions, towing will be provided and the car will be towed to a workshop of the Member's choice. Depending on the Membership category, fees may be waived for a fixed number of RAS usages per membership year.
  • For breakdowns on expressways, including on slip roads, free straight tows will be provided for safety reasons irrespective of the cause of breakdown.
  • AA Members are only entitled to waiver of RAS fees in respect of Singapore-registered, petrol-driven and privately-registered passenger cars with valid road tax. Taxis, motorcycles, light goods (G-plate) and rented vehicles are not entitled to waiver of RAS fees.
  • AA is under no obligation to replace or provide any part(s) to the broken-down vehicle.
  • In the event that repair parts are used to restart the car, any cost incurred will be borne by the Member.
  • Where battery replacement and petrol-up is required, Member shall bear the cost for battery and petrol.
  • Members are required to bear any car park fees in the course of attending to their cars, ie. car park fees, ERP charges, entry fees (eg: entry to Sentosa) etc.
  • Despite the waiver of RAS fees, towing services may nonetheless be chargeable under certain circumstances. Please refer to the section, 'Towing Charges Payable by Members' for further details.

^AA reserves the right to amend the service policy and /or Terms and Conditions without notice.

Proof of Membership Status
  • Members are required to be present at the breakdown location in order for service to be rendered.
  • Members must produce their personal AA Membership card to the recovery crew upon arrival.
  • Newly enrolled Members, who have yet to receive their permanent Membership Cards, should produce their NRIC / passport / driving licence for verification purposes.
Towing Charges Payable By Members

Towing is chargeable in all cases, except for standard towing within a Member's RAS fee waiver entitlement. An attendance fee of $53.50 will apply (the attendance fee excludes add-on fee for towing, which is dependent on the resource required and complexity involved).

Towing charges are not waived, despite the number of prior usage of RAS, under the following circumstances:

  • Add-on fees of $64.20 are chargeable for non-standard tow which involves use of tow dolly or flatbed (Standard tow refers to the use of the tow-truck's recovery fork to lift the two front wheels of the passenger car off the ground).The decision of whether standard or non-standard towing should be applied to the vehicle under the circumstances shall be in the full discretion of AA's call agent, recovery crew, mechanics and or staff.
  • Additional fees (from $160.50 onwards) are chargeable for following car-makes.
    Aston Martin Lamborghini Pagani
    Bentley Lotus Porsche
    Daimler Maserati Rolls Royce
    Ferrari Maybach Hummer
  • All cases of accident vehicles, e.g. vehicles which have mounted curbs, knocked into poles, caught fire and vehicles with damaged windscreen / windows.
  • If based on the call agent's opinion (based on breakdown symptoms reported) that the vehicle can be resolved by an AA mechanic but the Member insists on a straight tow ( to a workshop).
  • Towing of laid-up vehicles.
  • Towing from breakdown location to a destination other than a workshop, including residences.
  • Straight tows without mechanics' verification.
  • Towing of vehicles to scrap yard.
  • Second towing (i.e the Member changes his mind on towing destination after arriving at first destination).
  • Vehicles without valid road tax.
  • Vintage cars without valid day coupon.
  • Non Singapore-registered car.
Fees Chargeable for On-the-Spot Enrolment for New and Renewal Members 

In the event that the AA Membership has expired, and the Member wishes for RAS to be rendered, an express fee of S$32.10 is chargeable on top of the prevailing Membership renewal fees.

If the Membership had expired for a period of three (3) months or more, the Member is required to rejoin as a new Member, and pay the prevailing entrance fee.

Charges for On-The-Spot Enrolment
Membership CategoryTermEntrance FeeExpress FeeTotal Fee (With GST)
Ordinary (New) 1 Year Yes Yes $138
Ordinary (Renewal)
(Expire less than 3 months)
1 Year No Yes $108

*Entrance Fee at $32.10; Express Fee at $32.10. All fees are inclusive of GST.
*Members whose Membership has expired for more than 3 months are required to sign up as new applicants.

Obligations of Member

It shall be the obligation of the Member to ensure that:

  • The recovery crew is allowed to perform their duties without any hindrance
  • The breakdown vehicle is not causing traffic obstruction and the crew is not subject to potential risks in the course of duty
  • There is no violation of any traffic rules or regulations