Notice on Phishing Emails

The Automobile Association of Singapore (‘AA Singapore’) has been made aware of the phishing emails received by several of our members from external email addresses.

The phishing emails appear to be sent as a reply to old emails that were either sent to the Association by the member or old email replies by our staff members, of which some of the emails contain personal information related to the individual member.

The Association is treating this incident seriously and our IT team has since taken immediate actions to isolate and contain the situation. We would like to assure you that none of our members’ database or personal data has been maliciously misused or compromised.

Since the incident, our IT team has been taking active security and enhancement measures such as conducting an email password change for all our staff, to further secure our email accounts and systems, and to prevent such occurrences from happening again. Members can be assured that the Association will continue to take all protective measures to ensure that their personal data and information will be safe with AA Singapore.

In the meanwhile, the Association would like to advise members to check the email address of the sender by clicking on the sender’s name to ensure that the intended email is from AA Singapore and not to click on any suspicious email attachments or links on any device. As a precaution, affected members are also advised to change their email passwords.

The Association would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused due to this incident and we thank you for your understanding and patience.


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