3 October - 12 November 2017

Prepare yourself for the driving adventure of your life! This journey will take you through all th way to the foot of Mount. Everest and Tianjin, one of the five national central cities of the country.


Day 1 | 3 Oct 2017 | Dinner
Singapore - Ipoh (Malaysia)

• Meet at West Coast Park McDonald’s
• Welcome dinner at Ipoh Town
Accommodation: Weil Hotel Ipoh (4.5-star) or similar

Day 2 | 4 Oct 2017 | Breakfast & Dinner
Ipoh - Hat Yai (Thailand)

• Clear Malaysia & Thailand Borders
Accommodation: Centara Hotel Hat Yai (4-star) or similar

Day 3 | 5 Oct 2017 | Breakfast & Dinner
Hat Yai - Hua Hin (Thailand) 

Accommodation: Hilton Hua Hin Resort (5-star) or similar

Day 4 | 6 Oct 2017 | Breakfast & Dinner
Hua Hin - Tak (Thailand)

Accommodation: Viang Tak Riverside Hotel (3.5-star) or similar

Day 5 | 7 Oct 2017 | Breakfast & Dinner
Tak – Chiang Khong (Thailand)

Accommodation: Chiang Khong Ibis Hotel (3.5-star) or similar

Day 6 | 8 Oct 2017 | Breakfast & Dinner
Chiang Khong – Boten (Laos) - Luang Prabang

• Golden City Temple
• Kuang Si Waterfall
Accommodation: Ang Thong Hotel (4-star) or similar

Day 7 | 9 Oct 2017 | Breakfast & Dinner
Luang Prabang (Laos) – Mohan (China) - Jing Hong (景洪)

• Temporary China driver license permit and clear vehicle entry procedures
Accommodation: 世纪金源酒店 (4-star) or similar

Day 8 | 10 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Jing Hong 景洪 – Kunming 昆明 

• Drive to Kunming
Accommodation: Holiday Inn Kunming City Center中心假日酒店 (4-star) or similar

Day 9 | 11 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Kunming 昆明

• Visit Stone Forest, Jiu Xiang Cave
Accommodation: Holiday Inn Kunming City Center中心假日酒店 (4-star) or similar

Day 10 | 12 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Kunming 昆明 - Li Jiang 丽江

• Dali Ancient Town大理古城
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 11 | 13 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Li Jiang 丽江 – De Qin 徳钦

• The First Bend of Yangtze River金沙江第一湾
• De Qin - Ben Zi Lan奔子栏
• Ying Bing Tower迎宾塔观景台
Accommodation: (5-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 12 | 14 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
De Qin 徳钦 – Zogang 左贡

• Meili Snow Mountain 梅里雪山
• Meili River Canyon梅里大峡谷
• The Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas三江并流
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 13 | 15 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Zogang 左贡 – Baxoi 八宿

• Experience driving on the 24-Turn route in Zuo Gong 澜沧江24道拐
• Followed by the 72-Turn route in Ba Su 怒江72道拐
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 14 | 16 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Baxoi 八宿 – Bomê 波密

• Rakwa Tso Lake 然乌湖风光
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 15 | 17 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Bome 波密 – Nyingchi 林芝

• Tong Mai Exciting Route 通麦天险
• Parlung Tsangpo River 帕隆藏布江
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 16 | 18 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Nyingchi 林芝 – Lhasa 拉萨

• Mira Yamaguchi米拉山口
• Ni Yang River 尼洋河风光
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 17 | 19 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Lhasa 拉萨

• Potala Temple 布达拉宫
• Qoikang Monastery, Jokhang 大昭寺
• Bakhor Streets 八廓街
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 18 | 20 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Lhasa 拉萨 – Xigazê 日喀则

• Yamdrok Lake, one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet羊卓雍错湖
• Gyantse Fortress江孜古堡
• Karola Glacier卡若拉冰川
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 19 | 21 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Xigazê 日喀则 – Tingri 定日

• Tashi Lhunpo Monastery扎什伦布寺
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 20 | 22 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Tingri 定日

• Everest Base Camp珠峰大本营
• Mount Everest眺望珠峰
• Rongbuk Monastery绒布寺
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 21 | 23 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Tingri 定日 – Shigatse 日喀则

• Head back to Shigatse日喀则
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 22 | 24 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Shigatse 日喀则 – Damxung 当雄

• Enjoy the scenic view of the Snow Mountain and grassland雪山, 草原
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 23 | 25 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Damxung 当雄 - Amdo 安多

• Nam Co Lake参观天湖纳木错
• Tanggula Mountain Pass唐古拉山口
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 24 | 26 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Amdo 安多 – Golmud 格尔木

• Yangtze Ulan Moron River 长江源头沱沱河
• Kunlun Mountain Pass 昆仑山口
Accommodation: (5-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 25 | 27 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Golmud 格尔木 – Hua Tu Gou 花土沟

• Enjoy the scenery of Gobi Desert 戈壁风光
Accommodation: (4 star Hotel) - TBA

Day 26 | 28 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Hua Tu Gou 花土沟 – Ruo Qiang 若羌

• Loulan Ancient City古楼兰国所在地
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 27 | 29 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Ruo Qiang 若羌 - Korla 库尔勒

• Embark on the desert route to Korla City 行驶在沙漠公路抵达香梨之城库尔勒
Accommodation: (5-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 28 | 30 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Korla 库尔勒 - Ürümqi 乌鲁木齐

• Wind Power Station风力发电站
Accommodation: (5-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 29 | 31 Oct 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Ürümqi 乌鲁木齐 - Turpan 吐鲁番

• Grand Bazaar 大巴扎
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 30 | 1 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Turpan 吐鲁番 - Ha Mi 哈密

• Kaneri参观坎儿井
• Grape Valley 葡萄沟
• Visit the Uighur Family维族家访
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 31 | 2 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Ha Mi 哈密 - Dun Huang 敦煌

• Enjoy the scenic drive to Dun Huang 沿途风光
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 32 | 3 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Dun Huang 敦煌

• Mogao Caves (莫高窟)
is also known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes, which form a system of 492 temples, located 25 km southeast of the center of Dunhuang
- Crescent Lake (月牙泉), a crescent-shaped lake in an oasis, located 6 km south of the city of Dunhuang
- Mingsha Mountain鸣沙山
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 33 | 4 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Dun Huang 敦煌 – Jia Yu Guan 嘉峪关

• Jia Yu Guan Tower of Great Wall of China 万里长城最西关-嘉峪关城楼
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 34 | 5 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Jia Yu Guan 嘉峪关 – Zhang Ye 张掖

• Zhang Ye National Geopark 张掖丹霞
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 35 |  6 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Zhang Ye 张掖 - Alxa League 阿拉善

• Badain Jaran Desert游览巴丹吉林沙漠
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 36 | 7 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Alxa League 阿拉善 - Zhong Wei 中卫

• 108 Towers of Xixia Kingdom西夏国所建的108塔
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 37 | 8 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Zhong Wei 中卫 – Xi’an 西安

• Enjoy the scenic drive to Xi’an沿途风光
• Dayan Pagoda外观大雁塔
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 38 | 9 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Xi’an 西安

• Museum of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses兵马俑及铜车马博物馆
• Hua Qing Lake 华清池
• Xi’an Ancient City Wall古城墙
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 39  | 10 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Xi’an 西安 - Ping Yao 平遥

• Hu Kou Waterfall途中参观壶口瀑布
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 40 | 11 Nov 2017 | Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Ping Yao 平遥 – Tian Jin 天津

• Ping Yao Ancient City, a UNESCO site参观平遥古城, 世界文化遗产之一
Accommodation: (4-star Hotel) – TBA

Day 41 | 12 Nov 2017 | Breakfast
Tian Jin 天津 - Singapore

• Send vehicle to port for shipping
• Proceed to Airport
• Home Sweet Home

Itinerary is subjected to change with or without prior notice to ensure the smooth running of the tour.


AA Member
Twin / Triple $ 8,800
Single $ 11,700
Vehicle Permit (Per Car) $ 2,800
Shipping Fee (Per Car) $ 1,200

 AA Member charges apply to immediate family members (spouse & children).
Child rate (with or without bed) applies to children aged between 3 and 11.
A maximum of 2 Adults & 2 Children to a room.


Package Includes

• 40 nights' accommodation in 3/4/5 star hotel/ resort
• Meals as per itinerary
• Admission ticket/cable car ride as per itinerary
• Urban construction fee in China 
• Free loan of (1) walkie-talkie set & (1) Garmins GPS loaded with programmed coordinates
• Group PA Insurance
• Pre-trip car inspection by AA Singapore
• Pre-trip briefing by AA Expedition Leader
• Convoy driving escorted by AA Expedtion Leader & recovery team throughout the trip

Vehicle fee includes

• State authorities to declare special travel expenses
• Provincial authorities special travel expenses
• Chinese territory road maintenance fee
• Vehicle third party liability insurance fee in Thailand, Laos and China
• Chinese territory of crossings, bridge toll fees
• Foreign vehicle entry quarantine fee (China)
• Chinese border vehicle regulatory fees
• Foreign vehicles entering China vehicle inspection fees
• Radio usage fee
• Foreign vehicles temporary driving permit fee
• Traffic laws and training fee
• Parking fees


Cancellation of bookings must be made in writing and the following charges will apply:

30 - 60 days before departure 50% of the tour fare
15 - 29 days before departure
75% of the tour fare
14 days or lesser before departure 100% of the tour fare



Terms & Conditions

All registration must be followed up with the submission of copies of vehicle log card, current vehicle insurance cover note, passports of all participants and, if applicable, personal travel insurance cover note where applicable only to Thailand.

Note: Driver’s name/ NRIC no. should be indicated on the copy of the log card. Participants not driving their own cars must possess an authorisation letter signed by the owner of the car allowing the participant/s to drive the car/s. Group leaders are required to dress their vehicles with the compulsory sponsors’ car stickers.

Registrations received after the closing date will not be considered.

Registration will only be confirmed upon payment via credit card or clearance of cheque. For payment via cheque, please make cheque payable to "Automobile Association of Singapore" and write the correct amount.

An administrative fee of S$40 per change will be imposed for any amendment to the registration of participants.

There will be no refund for any accommodation, meals, or services not utilised.

The organisers reserve the right to cancel any booking due to any reason without further liability on their part. All payments made shall be refunded in full in the event of a cancellation - by the organisers.

Participants must possess a valid driver's licence for the period of the event. The organisers reserve the absolute discretion to refuse any participant for the event without assigning any reason.

Vehicles must possess valid road tax and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance coverage for the duration of the event.

The organisers reserve the right to decide on the number of adults/children to be permitted in each vehicle. It is mandatory for all passengers to put on their seat belts whilst on the roads.

All participants are encouraged to purchase travel insurance for the duration of the event. Arrangement for travel insurance can also be made through AAS Insurance Agency Pte Ltd. Please contact us directly at - 6389 4241 or email at enquiry@aas-insurance.com.sg.

The organisers, their servants or agents shall not be liable for any loss, injury, accident, damage or delay which may occur during the event. Every participant shall in every respect carry his/her own risk with respect to loss or injury to person or property for himself/herself and persons accompanying him/her on the event. Such participant undertakes not to claim and to keep indemnified the organisers against such claims of whatsoever arising there from. The organisers are not responsible for losses or expenses due to delay, illness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine or other causes of whatsoever kind.

The organisers will endeavour as far as possible to adhere to the programme of the event as advertised. The organisers however, reserve the right to alter routes, time-tables, itineraries and accommodation as they deem fit.

In the event that a participant or his/her vehicle is unable to continue participating in the event for any reason whatsoever, the organisers may exclude such persons or vehicle from continued participation in the event. The organisers however undertake that they will render all assistance possible to ensure the safe return to Singapore of such participants at the individuals' own cost.

Every participant undertakes that he/she will abide by such laws and regulations as are applicable in the countries through which the event will visit as well as those implemented by the organisers. All participants are also responsible for maintaining road safety and good behaviour throughout the entire event. The organisers will not be liable for any traffic offences committed by any participant.

The organisers reserve the right to prevent any participant from continuing with the event as they deem fit. The reasons may consist of, but are not limited to the misconduct of the participant, or that he/she behaves in a manner that could potentially cause delay or disruptions to the itinerary, or danger or harm to the other participants.

All participants are to ensure that no conflicting activities will be carried out during the event unless approved by the organisers.

For enquiries regarding the event(s), please call the Events & Activities Department at 6333 8811 (ext 140).