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How to Tackle A Speed Bump?

The Problem

The many speed bumps, or ‘sleeping policemen’, on the roads not only make one slow down, it also causes the whole car to crash and shake violently.

Things To Know

The speed bumps are in place to remind the driver to slowdown, more often because there is a school or pedestrian crossing nearby. It is not meant to destroy the car or cause the suspension to crash violently.

If a speed bump is not taken properly, some of the lower mounted components of a car, such as the engine sump or exhaust manifold, can be damaged.

Proper Technique

Rather than allow the bump to slow the car, or braking over the bump, the correct procedure to mount a speed bump is to actually brake just before reaching it. One should gently accelerate just as one is crossing over it.

By gently accelerating over it, the driver is causing the front suspension to stretch and rear springs to compress, allowing the speed bump to pass while the suspension is fully extended.

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