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Jamming Brakes to Clean Them

The Problem

Many of us take for granted that our car’s brakes are self-cleaning and are always in perfect condition. We assume that the brakes should work quick and effectively whenever we need them – especially in an emergency. What most drivers do not realise, however, is that the surface of brake discs do sometimes get contaminated.

Things To Know

When disc brake pads get badly soiled, the driver may notice that braking action is slightly delayed, and stopping distance is longer than usual.

Proper Technique

To clean a car’s disc brakes, one car manufacturer recommends occasionally jamming the brakes. This will clear off anything that is on the brake disc or pad. The procedure should be performed on an empty road so as not to endanger any other vehicles or pedestrians. Another thing to take note of is if the brakes are working properly, the car should slow down in a straight line on a level road. If the vehicle pulls left or right, the brakes and steering alignment should be checked immediately.

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