Congratulates Jean Todt on winning FIA presidential election

Singapore, 30 October 2009 – Bernard Tay, President of the Automobile Association of Singapore has been re-elected as a member of the World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism, a post he has held since 2006. He also congratulates Mr Jean Todt on winning the FIA presidential election.

Bernard, who is also President of FIA Region II said, “I would like to congratulate Mr Jean Todt on winning the FIA presidential election. We look forward to playing a more participative role in the FIA and be ing able to contribute towards its policy making. We hope to work closely with the new leadership to enhance world mobility and road safety."

FIA Region II is made up of 17 member countries in the Asia and the Pacific. The FIA comprise s two World Councils, namely the World Council for Automobile, Mobility, and Tourism and the World Motor Sport Council, and each World Council is composed of 26 members.

With the election over, Bernard would be putting more focus on the regional and club level activities. “Through the election, we got to know more people from overseas clubs. We hope to work with them on mobility and road safety issues at the regional and international levels. Region II also provides an excellent platform for the exchange of knowledge, expertise and experiences.

Through regional and international meetings and discussions, we share and exchange ideas and best practices, and this could benefit the Association as well as the local motoring community,” said Bernard.

He added, “We also hope to organise more regional events and activities that involve not only the club of ficials, but also the members of the individual clubs. This facilitates cultural exchange and provides an opportunity for members from different clubs to interact with one another. AA Singapore members can look forward to a Region II Golf Friendly in the Philippines next year.”