Corporate Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits and Services

  • Free * 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service (RAS) that include standard towing, tyre change, jumpstart, battery and fuel delivery in Singapore, up to 6 times per year. Refer to Membership Category Terms & Conditions for RAS entitlements and Service Policy for further details.
  • Reciprocal breakdown services in over 120 countries worldwide, including Malaysia

Great Motoring Savings

  • Fuel discount (petrol & diesel) at all Caltex services stations in Singapore
  • Discounts on AA maintenance-free car batteries, free 24-hour delivery within Singapore & battery testing services
  • Discounts on car evaluation, pre-trip car inspection & car valuation services
  • Discounts at AAShop, AA-Approved workshops & AA-Recommended tyre shops

Great Motoring Savings

  • Preferential rates and enhanced coverage for motoring

Fantastic Privileges