AAS Insurance Agency Launches AA Personal Mobility Plus For Users of Personal Mobility Devices and Bicycles - Automobile Association Of Singapore

AAS Insurance Agency Launches AA Personal Mobility Plus For Users of Personal Mobility Devices and Bicycles

4 May 2018, Singapore – AAS Insurance Agency (AAS-IA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Automobile Association of Singapore partners Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd to launch a new insurance plan – AA Personal Mobility Plus – for users of personal mobility devices and bicycles. With the increasing use of personal mobility devices and bicycles in Singapore, a rise in the number of complaints and accidents involving personal mobility devices and cyclists have been observed. Government agencies have reported receiving 600 complaints about errant cyclists in 2014 and 800 complaints in 20151.

According to figures revealed, there were about 110 accidents recorded in the first 9 months of 20172. The figures translate into an average of three accidents per week, with about 30 of them occurring on public paths between pedestrians and a mobility device. The other incidents took place at road junctions and roads when users flout traffic rules.

Bicycles and PMDs are deemed as an essential part of Singapore’s quest to go car-lite. Road users, including pedestrians, need to have a clearer understanding of how to use shared spaces and learn to coexist, in order to keep all road users safe.

As an active advocate for road safety, the Association recognises the need to extend our insurance coverage and provide better protection to road users as the number of cyclists and PMDs will continue to grow.

The launch of AA Personal Mobility Plus covers the insured for a sum of up to $50,000 in the event of accidental death or permanent disability. It provides up to $100,000 for personal liability claims if the insured is legally liable for causing third party injury or damage. It also reimburses medical claims incurred as a result of bodily injury due personal mobility and bicycle use of up to $1,000.

“Personal mobility devices and bicycles have become a popular mode of transport in Singapore in recent years. While it has brought great convenience to many people, it has also caused dangers to others. With the launch of the new insurance plan, we hope to provide protection to both PMD users, cyclists and pedestrians while performing their daily leisure activities.” said Mr Bernard Tay, President of the Automobile Association of Singapore. With the intention to make the AA Personal Mobility Plus easily accessible for road users, it is affordably priced at no more than 15 cents a day. AA Personal Mobility Plus policy holders will receive a complimentary One-Year AA Social Membership.

For more information on the plan or request for quote, please visit aas.com.sg/insurance/.

1 A personal mobility device is defined as a vehicle that is designed for use by one person on footpaths only and travelling within the speed limit of not more than 25 km/h; has one or more wheels that operate on single axis; is propelled by an electric motor attached to the vehicle or by human power; does not resemble a motor car or motor cycle. Bicycle includes pedal bicycle, pedal tricycle, and a power-assisted bicycle.
2 The Straits Times, 1 May 2018 
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