Automobile Association of Singapore and Liberty Insurance Organise the Wheels, Reels and Carnival 2015 - Automobile Association Of Singapore

Automobile Association of Singapore and Liberty Insurance Organise the Wheels, Reels and Carnival 2015

Singapore, 11 December 2015 – Jointly organised by Automobile Association of Singapore (AA Singapore) and Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd, Wheels, Reels and Carnival 2015 will take place on 19 – 20 December 2015 at Leisure Park Kallang.

This two-day event aims to engage Singaporeans in learning more about the rich motoring heritage of our nation. Made up of three segments, this event consists of a Heritage Drive, a Drive-in Movie Screening and a Carnival.

The ‘ Wheels’ segment begins with a Heritage Drive, where participants take the opportunity to visit historical sites. Participants are required to complete the various challenges faced at each pit stop and obtain clues to proceed to the next stop. Points will be awarded upon completion of the task. Focusing on road safety, participants will not be judged by their speed but rather their ability to solve the challenges and accumulate the most points at each pitstop. The top scoring team will walk away with $1,000 worth of AAShop and dining vouchers.

Recognising the need to support our local charities, Crescendas Group has sponsored $10,000 as grand prize for the Corporate Wheels Challenge which will be donated fully to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. The Corporate Wheels Challenge is open to all corporate partners, and will run concurrently with the Heritage Drive.

Following the Heritage Drive, the day concludes with ‘Reels’, a Drive-in Movie Screening of the comedy animation film, Home.

Discover more about the motoring heritage of Singapore at the Carnival. Specially put together, a photo exhibition celebrates 50 years of motoring in Singapore while staying in the spirit of SG50. AA Singapore has also come a long way from its humble beginnings and the public can expect to again insights about AA Singapore’s growth in the past century through its very own photo montage. View an elegant exhibition of more than 40 Vintage and Classic machines that date back to the roaring 1930’s! From Bentleys and Rolls Royces to Alfa- Romeos, Citroens, Volkswagens, MGs and Fords – relive the charm and nostalgia of our motoring past – a truly fitting closure to the year-long SG50 celebrations!

Also at the event, expect complimentary car inspection and driving tips offered by AA Singapore’s expert team of technicians, Singapore Optometric Association’s visual acuity screenings, and health checks conducted by SATA Commhealth. Supported by Traffic Police, parents can also look for family friendly, mini-go karts available for pre-schoolers.

“As we approach the end of 2015, AA Singapore ends the year, celebrating our 108th year anniversary with fun and community engaging event, Wheels, Reels and Carnival 2015. The event has been planned for Singaporeans to wrap up the SG50 year with their family, friends and community in a fun and meaningful way while providing for reflection of our past journey and celebrating our achievements as a nation.” said Mr Bernard Tay, President of Automobile Association of Singapore. Mr Bernard Tay is also the Chairman of Singapore Road Safety Council.

Mr Chang Sucheng, Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Insurance said, “We’re are delighted to be a part of Wheels, Reels and Carnival 2015, which will not only allow Singaporeans to discover simple joys associated with our motoring heritage but also to view road safety from a different angle. The event will go a long way in establishing deeper and more meaningful public engagement in motoring and road safety.”

To commemorate SG50, AA Singapore has launched the coffee table book, titled The Motoring 50, covering 50 facts about motoring in Singapore. The book allows readers to learn about little known facts of Singapore’s striving motoring heritage. Covering more than just automobiles, they contain interesting snippets about the colourful motoring history of roads, people and events shaping it. A digitised version of the book will be released on 19 December 2015. Members of the public are welcomed to visit our photo exhibition booth and browse through the physical copy of the coffee table book as well as the digitised version.



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