Automobile Association of Singapore announces launch of motor insurance for young or new drivers and the FIA - AA Singapore Smart Driving Challenge 2019 - Automobile Association Of Singapore

Automobile Association of Singapore announces launch of motor insurance for young or new drivers and the FIA – AA Singapore Smart Driving Challenge 2019

23 April 2019, Singapore – Today, the Automobile Association of Singapore (AA Singapore) launched its motor insurance policy for young or new drivers by AAS Insurance Agency, in partnership with Liberty Insurance Singapore. It also unveiled the FIA-AA Singapore Smart Driving Challenge 2019, a competition that rewards safe and environmentally-friendly driving.

Young or New Drivers Motor Insurance

Developed in collaboration with Liberty Insurance Singapore, the new insurance policy by AAS Insurance Agency is specially designed for young drivers below the age of 24, or new drivers with less than two years of driving experience. These group of new drivers are also commonly known as the inexperienced drivers in policy terms. Young or new drivers are commonly classified as one of the high-risk group, more likely to be involved in an accident due to their lack of driving experience, resulting in higher excess and premium on their motor insurance plans.

As the leading motoring association in Singapore, AA Singapore is also the voice of the motoring community and actively advocates for safer roads while implementing new initiatives for the benefit of motorists. The insurance policy allows young or new drivers to attend AAS Academy’s Safe Driver Program, correcting safety misconceptions and improve drivers’ driving behaviours. By doing so, the young or new drivers will have their additional premium loading reduced by 10%, and subject to a policy excess of $400 instead of $3,000.

“Young or new drivers are deemed to be less safe than a seasoned driver as studies have shown that these drivers are more prone to being involved in road accidents. Often, accidents are a result of human error and we want to instil the right attitude to this group of drivers and help them to be safe on roads; by raising their risk awareness and understand how they should react under differing road conditions, thereby lowering their chances of a crash.” said Mr Bernard Tay, President of AA Singapore.

In addition, drivers can also track their daily drives through a telematics app, DriveWellTM and safe drivers will receive petrol vouchers as incentives.
“Liberty Insurance is pleased to collaborate with AA Singapore to offer motor insurance that serves young and new drivers. This insurance offers good coverage to drivers and allows them to pay for only what they need.” added Mr Chang Sucheng, Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Insurance Singapore.
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FIA – AA Singapore Smart Driving Challenge 2019

Organised with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), AAS Academy introduced the FIA – AA Singapore Smart Driving Challenge 2019, as part of the FIA Smart Driving Challenge, that is held worldwide, to promote and encourage Singaporeans to drive safe in every road journey. It also aims to cultivate eco-friendly driving to minimise the damage of pollution for the environment.

Participating motorists simply need to download a smartphone app, install an OBD II Device and pair the devices. Their drive trips data will be sent to a digital platform, which evaluates driving in real time via artificial intelligence. Participants will be scored based on their driving behaviours to achieve competition ranking.
Reinforcing the importance of road safety, Mr Bernard Tay said “Driving is more than just speed and getting to your destination. It is about getting there, safely. The purpose of this Challenge is to do exactly that, to encourage drivers to adopt better, safer, eco-friendly driving habits in order to emerge as the best.”

The competition spans a duration of three months, comprising four competition heats and a final competition round where qualifying winners vie for the title to be the Top Driver of the Challenge. The Top Driver gets to win a Grand Prize, inclusive of a return trip to Paris, and the opportunity to witness the annual FIA Prize Giving Ceremony 2019, honouring international motorsports achievements of the year.

The competition is open free to all AA Members, limited to a total of 100 participants. Registration begins from 23 April 2019 and closes on 28 June 2019. The competition begins on 15 July 2019 and ends on 13 October 2019.

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