Car batteries are an essential part of a motor vehicle. It gets your car started and allows you to charge your devices on the go. You can definitely say that the car battery provides the “juice” your vehicle needs to keep going. This is why it is especially important to know how to take care of your car battery to extend its lifespan, and also when to change it.

Naturally, there are many factors when it comes to choosing a car battery before you buy one. For example, the lifespan of the battery, the price, maintenance requirements and whether it adheres to Singapore’s safety requirements, just to name a few. At AAS, we strongly recommend going with Amaron car batteries as it is competitively priced and is zero-maintenance (does not require any top-ups).

Why Choose Amaron?

Amaron car batteries are available for purchase from our workshop and it is the battery brand that we use at AAS even for onsite, roadside battery replacement service. We use Amaron car batteries as they have a long lifespan, are safe for use as they are fully tested at the factory, do not leak, have a higher cranking power and are priced in a range affordable for the average Singapore consumer.

Get Amaron Car Batteries From Us

Looking for reasonably-priced car batteries? Look no further, AAS has got you covered with quality car batteries from Amaron. If you require roadside assistance, we provide onsite battery replacement services throughout Singapore. For non-members, this service will be priced at just $59.40. If you prefer to drive to our workshop, you can make an appointment and visit us at our automobile servicing workshop to change out your old car battery.

All Amaron batteries come with up to 15-month warranty period (up to 12 months for non-members), consumers can simply come back to our workshop for a quick check or repair work if it is within the warranty period.