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2019 marks the Bicentennial of the founding of modern Singapore, and to join in the celebrations, AA Singapore is organising a 92-day AUTOVENTURETM London-Singapore Expedition Drive! Commencing from the 8 August 2019 and continues to the 7 November 2019, this will be the longest ever expedition drive to be undertaken by the Association. 

A total of 31 participants will be travelling in a convoy of 16 cars, passing through a total of 15 countries. The route begins from the United Kingdom, heading towards Germany then other countries such as Croatia, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan and China as it makes its way back to Singapore. A driving distance of over 22,000km will be clocked along the route.


The 92-day drive will be challenging for the convoy as they will be travelling across different terrains and varying climates across the various countries, of which the highest altitude could go up to 6,345m when the group passes through China. They would also need to adapt to driving on different sides of the road in different countries. Stay tuned as we update the expedition across various countries!

Also, a big thank you to all our sponsors for this trip 92-day AUTOVENTURETM London-Singapore Expedition Drive!


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Pre-Trip Preparation and Briefing

A pre-trip briefing was organised on 20 June 2019 to familiarise participants with the trip details and share the necessary information needed for them to better prepare for the drive. The Expedition Leader also shared safety tips for the drivers when navigating across the various terrains, altitudes and weather patterns. Shortly after, the cars were then convoyed to the depot to be shipped over to London. 

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National Day Celebration and Flag-Off Ceremony

Our participants are having lunch while catching live telecast of National Day Parade at Rubens Hotel in London. The following day, Singapore's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Her Excellency Ms Foo Chi Hsia flagged off the convoy of 16 cars for the 92-day London-Singapore Expedition Drive.

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Germany - Cologne, Baden-Baden,Konstaz and Munich

The next leg of the trip, Germany! After taking a car ferry into Calais Ferry Terminal and driving into Cologne, the group arrived in Germany. Passing by Cologne Cathedral, the group headed southeastwards, passing by Baden-Baden and iconic Blackforest, and the city of Konstaz and arriving in Munich. 

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