Enjoy Extra Benefits While Driving

Our extensive insurance coverage allows you to enjoy road trips from Singapore to Peninsula Malaysia with higher personal accident and medical expense coverage, 24-hour roadside assistance and car key replacement coverage. You can now be at ease while driving on the road.


Key Benefits

1. Discount for AA Members

Additional 10% discount for AA members

2. Accident Coverage

Personal Accident coverage of up to S$100,000 for you while driving your car.

3. Free Medical Examination

Up to S$800 for cost of replacing car keys lost as a result of theft, robbery, unlawful break-in or accidental locked in the car, with S$50 excess.

4. Free Car Key Reimbursment

Medical Expenses Reimbursements of up to S$2,000 per accident for yourself, authorized driver and passengers.

5. Excess Reduction

Up to S$500 for policies with 50% No Claim Discount (NCD), or up to S$300 for 0-40% NCD, for the first claim.