Catering to your travelling needs

Our extensive insurance coverage allows you to enjoy road trips from Singapore to Peninsula Malaysia with higher personal accident and medical expense coverage, 24-hour roadside assistance and car key replacement coverage. You can now be at ease while driving on the road.


Key Benefits

1. Double Indemnity for Road Accidents

Compensates for Accidental death or permanent disablement following Accidental bodily injury.

2. 24/7 Helpline Assistance

24-hour accessibility to our Helpline at (+65)6636 1131 which provides assistance services worldwide.

3. Deposit Fee Waiver

Hospital admission deposit waived at designated hospitals in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

4. Travel & Flight Compensation

Compensation for travel/flight misconnection, flight diversion, flight and baggage delays, and additional cost incurred for alternative transport arrangement following cancelation or delay of scheduled transport.

5. Terrorism Extension Coverage

Coverage in the event of terrorism, including when nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons are used.

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