AA Overseas Student - Automobile Association Of Singapore

Preparing you for the world

Studying overseas can be an exciting experience filled with mixed emotions. For some, it means leaving home for the first time, for others it’s a return to a childhood holiday destination. It is a chance to gain an international perspective, to meet people from various cultures and expand one’s horizon whilst studying at a world leading school or university.

As you take this important step in your education, don’t let practical concerns like international travel, security and health disrupt your plans. Being prepared for uncertainties is key to having a safe and successful overseas educational experience. At Liberty, we understand the challenges faced by international students like you and have tailored AA Overseas StudentCare Plus to provide a comprehensive cover for your needs.


Key Benefits

1. Emergency Hospital Evacuvation

Emergency evacuation if treatment is unavailable locally.

2. Extended Emergency Coverage

SMS alerts for emergencies and safety threats.

3. Tuition Fees Coverage

Coverage for tuition fees in unforeseen circumstances.

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