Stranded on the road with a failed car battery? AA's 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service check and change your battery on the spot anytime and anywhere^ in Singapore. Simply call our hotline at 6748 9911 (24-Hour Hotline) for a fuss-free battery replacement service.

We carry a wide array of battery models to suit different car makes and models. Our batteries deliver high performance at minimum care. Made of quality premium materials using leading-edge technology, these batteries do not require battery water top-up yet offer improved reliability and long-lasting performance.

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     Amaron™ Features & Benefits

    - Long life
    - Zero maintenance (no top-ups required)
    - High heat technology 
    - Premium silver alloy for low corrosion
    - Fully tested (factory-charged, wet-shipped)
    - No leakage/ Improved safety
    - Higher cranking power


Click to view list of Amaron Battery Models and Battery Capacity

Amaron Model 42B20L 55B24L/LS/R/RS 85D23L/R 110D26L DIN 45L DIN 55L DIN 66L

Battery Capacity


(35/335) (45/360) (60/550) (80/670) (45/360) (50/500) (60/610)

Amaron Model DIN 74L DIN 80L DIN 100L Q85 (90D23L) S95 (105D26L) L3 (DIN74)

Battery Capacity


(74/690) (80/730) (100/900) (65/600) (72/650) (70/620)

Terms & Conditions

  • ^On main island only. On-site service is not applicable for Social Membership.
  • Entrance fee of $32.10 applicable for new member sign-up.
  • Subject to the compatibility of available battery models with car makes and models. On occasion, our mechanics may first pay you a visit to confirm the compatibility of a battery model. 
  • If you encounter battery-related issues while under warranty, our mechanic will test and jumpstart the battery to get you on the road again. If jumpstarting does not resolve the issue, a loan battery will be provided as we send your battery for further testing.

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