AAS Insurance Agency and Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore to provide coverage for carpool and personal accident cover for passengers on motor insurance - Automobile Association Of Singapore

AAS Insurance Agency and Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore to provide coverage for carpool and personal accident cover for passengers on motor insurance

Singapore, 15 September 2017 – AAS Insurance Agency, a wholly owned subsidiary of Automobile Association of Singapore (AA Singapore), partners Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd. to provide coverage on motor insurance to drivers to include carpool trips and Personal Accident cover for passengers. This partnership is first in the industry that aims to bridge the gap faced by car owners in obtaining affordable coverage for themselves and their passengers when carpooling.

Accessibility to car sharing platforms has led to a growing trend in drivers using their cars for carpool purposes. Under the Road Traffic Act1, a driver may only accept two pre-agreed paid carpool trips per day and the destination of the passengers must be indicated before the journey. The amount or value of any benefit in kind collected from the passenger cannot be for profit and must not exceed the expenses incurred for the trip.

The coverage offers protection to car owners while engaging in carpool purposes. Without this coverage, the insured vehicle usage is only limited to social, domestic and pleasure purposes. The insurer will not be liable for property damage or injury in event of a claim arising from the use of carpool.

This benefit also further extends the Personal Accident insurance cover to passengers in the event of an injury due to an accident. The coverage is offered to all policyholders at no additional premium, exclusively through AAS Insurance Agency, and underwritten by Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd.

“As more road users engage in carpooling as part of their transport solutions, the chances of getting involved in a carpool-related accident also increases. By introducing this coverage to their motor insurance, we provide greater protection to both drivers and passengers while engaging in their daily rides as well as social carpool rides and reducing the uncertainties regarding their insurance coverage,” said Mr Lee Wai Mun, Chief Executive Officer of AA Singapore.

Mr A K Cher, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd. was pleased with the partnership, and commented, “As the motor transportation industry evolves with the use of technology, insurance must move in tandem to stay relevant. We are happy to be able to offer these extensions for AA Members who use their cars for carpooling.”

Currently, policyholders who sign up for Motor Insurance with AAS Insurance Agency will be able to enjoy $100 off and up to 10% discount on motor insurance premium. Successful applicants also get to receive a 1-year free AA Ordinary Membership. For more information, refer to aas.com.sg/insurance/.

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