Automobile Association of Singapore and The Warranty Group launch extended car battery warranty - Automobile Association Of Singapore

Automobile Association of Singapore and The Warranty Group launch extended car battery warranty

Singapore, 29 June 2016 – The Automobile Association of Singapore (AA Singapore) has introduced a 24-month car battery warranty to its Members, giving them peace of mind when driving and travelling in Singapore. The programme, powered by The Warranty Group’s Asia Pacific team, is the longest ever car battery warranty in Singapore.

“We are extending our car battery protection from 15 to 24 months as an added benefit to our Members,” said Mr Lee Wai Mun, Chief Executive Officer for AA Singapore. “This new initiative is exclusive to AA Singapore, enabling AA Members to drive longer and further with no additional cost.”

The programme covers car batteries, which are available for purchase from AA Singapore. Members who purchase car batteries from 1 July onwards are automatically covered for 24 months. This also protects them from car battery price increases during this period.

“For car batteries that break down during the extended warranty period, it will be a one-to-one replacement,” explained Mr Lee Shyong, Singapore Head of Sales for The Warranty Group. “AA Singapore mechanics will conduct on-site battery testing in the event of battery failure. A replacement unit will be provided for the duration of the period, provided the tests show defective battery. If the battery simply needs to be recharged, we will provide a loaner until the battery is recharged and reinstalled.”

Those interested in the programme can call the AA Singapore hotline at 6748 9911 or visit to find out more details. “This is the longest ever battery warranty in Singapore, and we are excited to be working with The Warranty Group in bringing this new offering, in addition to our wide array of benefits for our Members,” added AA Singapore’s Mr Lee.

The programme is the first of many initiatives under this strategic alliance, as AA Singapore and The Warranty Group continue to work together to offer solutions that make the automotive experience more enjoyable and convenient for Members.


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