25D24N AA Fly-Drive Guangzhou - Shanghai, China 2024 - Automobile Association Of Singapore

25D24N AA Fly-Drive Guangzhou – Shanghai, China 2024

01 - 25 July 2024

Registration closes

30 April 2024

Minimum Group Size



For enquiries, please email to AA Events & Activities department at

[email protected] with subject "25D24N 25D24N AA Fly-Drive Guangzhou – Shanghai, China 2024"

DAY 1: 01 July | Singapore 新加坡 - Guangzhou 广州
  • Flight to Guangzhou
  • Application for Chinese driver’s license/Collect Rental Car
  • Check in hotel

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 2: 02 July | Guangzhou 广州 - Foshan Nanhai 佛山
  • Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall (黄飞鸿纪念馆)
  • Foshan Ancestral Temple (佛山祖庙)
  • Qiandeng Lake (千灯湖)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 3: 03 July | Foshan 佛山 - Chaozhou 潮州

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 4: 04 July | Chaozhou 潮州
  • Chaozhou Ancient City (潮州古城)
  • Guangji Bridge (广济桥)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 5: 05 July | Chaozhou 潮州 - Dabu 大埔
  • Lee Kuan Yew Ancestral Home (中翰第)
  • Tai’an Building (泰安楼)
  • Baihou Town(白侯名镇)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 6: 06 July | Dabu 大埔 – Xiamen 厦门
  • Xiayang Chuxi Earthern Building Cluster (下洋初溪土楼)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 7: 07 July | Xiamen 厦门 – Quanzhou 泉州
  • Zhongshan Road Walking Street (中山路步行街)
  • Gulangyu Island (鼓浪屿)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 8: 08 July | Quanzhou 泉州 – Wuyishan 武夷山
  • Kaiyuan Temple (开元寺)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 9: 09 July | Wuyishan 武夷

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 10: 10 July | Wuyishan 武夷山 – Taining 泰宁
  • Taining Dajin Lake (泰宁大金湖)
  • Shangshudi Complex (尚书府第)
  • Mingqing Park (明清园)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 11: 11 July | Taining 泰宁 – Lishui 丽水
  • Ping’an Village (平安古镇)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 12: 12 July | Lishui 丽水 – Hangzhou 杭州
  • Lishui Guyan Huaxiang (古堰画乡)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 13: 13 July | Hangzhou 杭州
  • Hangzhou West Lake (西湖)
  • Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺)
  • Qinghefang Ancient Street (河坊街)
  • Xihu Tiandi (西湖天地)
  • Leifeng Pagoda (雷峰塔)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 14: 14 July | Hangzhou 杭州 – Wuzhen 乌镇
  • Hangzhou Bay Bridge (杭州湾大桥)
  • Wuzhen (乌镇)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 15: 15 July | Wuzhen 乌镇 – Suzhou 苏州
  • Lion Grove Garden (狮子林)
  • Tiger Hill (虎丘)
  • Qili Shantang Street (七里山塘)
  • Pingjiang Historic Street (平江路历史街区)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 16: 16 July | Suzhou 苏州 – Nanjing 南京
  • Wuxi Yuantouzhu (无锡鼋头渚)
  • Lingshan Grand Buddha (灵山大佛)
  • Nianhua Bay (拈花湾)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 17: 17 July | Nanjing 南京
  • Nanjing Presidential Palace (总统府
  • Nanjing Confucius Temple (夫子庙)
  • Qinhuai River Cruise (秦淮河)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 18: 18 July | Nanjing 南京 – Xuzhou 徐州
  • Birthplace of Liu Bang (汉邦祖刘邦的出生地)
  • Cultural Site of Han Dynasty (徐州汉文化景区)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 19: 19 July | Xuzhou 徐州 – Qufu 曲阜
  • Jinghang Waterway (京杭大运河)
  • Meng Family Mansion & Temple of Mencius (孟府孟庙)
  • Meng Mu San Qian Temple (孟母三迁祠)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 20: 20 July | Qufu 曲阜 – Zibo 淄博
  • Three Confucian Sites (三孔文化景区,孔庙,孔府,孔林)
  • Haidai Tower (海岱楼夜景)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 21: 21 July | Zibo 淄博 – Yantai 烟台
  • Zibo Ceramics Museum (淄博陶瓷博物馆)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 22: 22 July | Yantai 烟台 - Qingdao 青岛
  • Penglai Pavilion Scenic Spot (蓬莱阁风景区)
  • Eight Immortals Scenic Spot (八仙过海景区)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 23: 23 July | Qingdao 青岛
  • May Fourth Square (五四广场)
  • Tsingtao Beer Brewery (青岛啤酒厂)
  • Zhanqiao Pier (栈桥)
  • Badaguan (八大关)

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 24: 24 July | Qingdao 青岛 – Shanghai 上海
  • Rental car will be shipped back to Guangzhou
  • 6 hours train ride to Shanghai

Accommodation: TBC

DAY 25: 25 July | Shanghai 上海
  • Free and Easy in Shanghai
  • Flight back to Singapore

Itinerary is subjected to change with or without prior notice to ensure the smooth running of the tour

Prices yet to be confirmed. For more details, please email us at [email protected]

AA Member charges apply to immediate family members (spouse & children).
* Deposit of $200 per pax will be collected during registration*

Cancellation of bookings must be made in writing and the following charges will apply:

More than 60 days in advance25% of the tour fare
30 – 60 days before departure50% of the tour fare
14 – 29 days before departure75% of the tour fare
13 days or lesser before departure100% of the tour fare

The organisers reserve the right to cancel any booking due to any reason without further liability on their part. All payments made shall be refunded in full in the event of a cancellation – by the organisers.

*Note the impact of Force Majeure on our refund/cancellation policy and our obligations, as described below.


All registration must be completed with the submission of the required documents (i.e. Passport details of all participants in your travel group, etc.).


Registrations received after the closing date will not be considered.


Registration will only be confirmed upon payment via credit card or clearance of cheque. For payment via cheques, please make cheques payable to “Automobile Association of Singapore” with the correct amount.


An administrative fee of S$40 per change will be imposed for any amendment to the registration of participants.


There will be no refund, either in full or in part, with respect to all arrangements for air tickets, accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours or other services which are included in the Package but not utilised by the participant, or where the participant amends, cancels or otherwise varies such arrangement after commencement of the Package.

Any service(s) in the itinerary cannot be fulfilled or any change(s) to the itinerary are necessitated for any reason(s) beyond our control, especially during peak seasons or upon the occurrence of a force majeure event, we reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the itinerary. Should you reject our offer of an alternative service, we shall not be obliged to refund any fee paid by you in respect of the unfulfilled service(s).

The organisers reserve the right to cancel any booking due to any reason without further liability on their part. All payments made shall be refunded in full in the event of a cancellation – by the organisers.


Participants must possess a valid driver’s licence for the period of the event. The organisers reserve the absolute discretion to refuse any participant for the event without assigning any reason.


Vehicles must possess valid road tax and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance coverage for the duration of the event. (Not applicable for Fly-Drive tours)


The organisers reserve the right to decide on the number of adults/children to be permitted in each vehicle. It is mandatory for all passengers to put on their seat belts while travelling in their vehicles.


All participants are strongly encouraged to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy for the duration of the event. Arrangements for travel insurance can be made through AAS Insurance Agency Pte Ltd. Please contact them directly at – 6389 4241 or email at [email protected].


The organisers, their servants and agents shall not be responsible or assume any liability to any participant for:

(a) any injury, damage, loss or delay affecting any person or property not arising from our own negligence or breach;

(b) any loss, damage, cost, expense or delay suffered or incurred due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to:

(i) actions or omissions of third parties (including any applicable third-party service providers);

(ii) mechanical breakdowns;

(iii) a Force Majeure Event;

(iv) a failure by the participant to comply with any of his or her obligations hereunder;

(v) a failure by the participant to possess, obtain or maintain any travel documentation required for the Package Tour (e.g. health certificates, visas, valid passports, etc.);

(vi) a failure by the participant to follow reasonable instructions, including but not limited to noting and complying with specified check-in and check-out and/or meeting places and times.

In no event shall the Association be liable for any punitive, special, indirect or consequential loss or damage, including loss of production, profit, revenue or contract or loss of or damage to goodwill or reputation.

The organisers, their servants or agents shall not be liable for any loss, injury, accident, damage or delay which may occur during the event. Every participant shall in every respect carry his/her own risk with respect to loss or injury to person or property for himself/herself and persons accompanying him/her on the event. Such participant undertakes not to claim and to keep indemnified the organisers against such claims for whatsoever arising there from. The organisers are not responsible for losses or expenses due to delay, illness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine or other causes of whatsoever.


The organisers will endeavour to adhere to the travel itinerary as advertised where possible. The organisers, however, reserve the right to alter routes, timetables, itineraries and accommodation as they deem fit.


In the event that a participant or his/her vehicle is unable to continue participating in the event for any reason whatsoever, the organisers may exclude such person/s or vehicle from continued participation in the event. The organisers, however, undertake that they will render all assistance possible to ensure the safe return to Singapore of such participants at the individuals’ own cost.


Every participant undertakes that he/she will abide by such laws and regulations as applicable in the countries through which the event will visit as well as those implemented by the organisers. All participants are also responsible for maintaining road safety and good behaviour throughout the entire event. The organisers will not be liable for any traffic offences committed by any participant.

The organisers reserve the right to withdraw any participant from continuing with the event if it is deemed that his or her behaviour or conduct is detrimental to potentially causing delay or disruptions to the itinerary, or incompatible with the health, safety, interests, harmony, the welfare of the other tour participants and the tour group as a whole. Under such circumstances, the Association shall be under no liability thereafter to any such person.

All participants are to ensure that no conflicting activities will be carried out during the event unless approved by the organisers.


The air ticket(s) issued is/are conditioned ticket(s) issued by the specified airlines only. It is non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable and non-reroutable. A minimum charge of USD100 per ticket will be levied for any amendment of air ticket(s) once issued, subject to the airlines’ conditions.

Any deviation of the tour arrangement may be permitted, subject to the maximum validity and restrictions of the air ticket, seat confirmation, and availability of accommodation prior to the commencement of the tour. Participants may request a change in the flight dates, subject to the airlines’ conditions, ticket validity, ticket availability, additional charges, seat availability, etc. Any additional charges imposed by the airlines will be fully borne by the passenger. For tours operated on chartered flights, no extension/deviation will be permitted.

Extensions/deviations of stay will be at the participant’s expense and transfer to and from the airport will not be provided.

When the extension/deviation requested cannot be confirmed 3 weeks prior to the group departure, the participant is deemed to return on the original flight/tour schedule booked and no cancellation of the tour will be allowed or cancellation charges will apply.


In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”), the Association complies with all relevant obligations governing the collection, use, disclosure and care of your personal data. We may take photographs and videos of participants in our event for our advertising and publicity materials. By joining our event, all participants shall be deemed to have consented to such collection and/or use.

For enquiries regarding the event(s), please call the Events & Activities Department at 6333 8811 (ext 140).

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