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Be Environment Friendly!

The National Environment Agency (NEA) will be showcasing various exhibits at its “Friendly Environment, Environment Friendly” cluster between 15 Nov to 19 Nov at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub Mall. At the same time their free reusable shopping bags with recycling and environmental messages will be given to visitors while stocks last during the 5-day exhibition. HURRICANE, a leading brand of stainless steel car engine air- filters is doing its part for the environment by producing and co-sponsoring these reusable shopping bags to highlight the need to conserve the world’s resources and to recycle.

HURRICANE says its air filter is made from environmentally friendly materials and claims it gives cars better mileage with a more complete combustion that results in lesser emission. The brand now wishes to heighten public awareness of the automotive industry’s responsibility of other green issues. Mr. Lai Kum Loon, brand owner of HURRICANE, said: “It is our social responsibility to support NEA’s effort and we look forward to working further with NEA to make our environment a greener place.” Any customers seen bagging their purchases with reusable bags given away by NEA at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub Mall at Hurricane’s major dealers nationwide, will receive a free HURRICANE baseball cap. And anyone buying a HURRICANE stainless steel air filter at an authorized retail store will receive a big HURRICANE reusable bag for free.

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