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Safety Tips to Observe If Your Car Breaks Down

Here are some safety tips you can follow when your car breaks down:  Put your gear in neutral and push the car to the extreme left side of the road when it is safe to do so. Av..


Jamming Brakes to Clean Them

The Problem Many of us take for granted that our car's brakes are self-cleaning and are always in perfect condition. We assume that the brakes should work quick and effectively wheneve..


Indicator is Clicking Too Fast

The Problem Turning right at a junction, and when you flick the indicator, it beats more rapidy than its normal pace. Things To Know A car's indicator is wired in series and is des..


How to Tackle A Speed Bump?

The Problem The many speed bumps, or 'sleeping policemen', on the roads not only make one slow down, it also causes the whole car to crash and shake violently. Things To Know T..


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