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An eco-car is one that is considered even greener than gasoline or diesel v…

The Problem Not all of us has the time or can be bothered to give our cars’ paintwork the care and attention that’s needed to maintain a ‘showroom’ shine. It isn’t just about making your car look good either. Studies have shown that dull or dirty paintwork really has a detrimental effect on your car’s […]

Michelin’s Annual Eco Challenge heads east with a host of hi-tech, environmentally friendly cars battling it out for top spot in Shanghai, China. One week after the inaugural Chinese Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit (SIC), the paddocks and pit lanes were busy again with cars lapping around the track. There were 150 vehicles […]

With world climate patterns becoming increasingly unstable from just 100 years of man-made pollution, what part can the individual car owner play in cleaning up our planet? Well, manufacturers are actively introducing ‘green’ cars to the public that are propelled by various technologies and we are certainly going to see more of these in showrooms […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Propulsion and GM’s Hy-Wire Sustainable Development is a fashionable catchphrase these days. While it may be in the vocabulary only of some, it is certainly an action phrase as far as General Motors (GM) is concerned. Despite there being millions of vehicles on the road, these belong to only 12 per cent of […]

Diesel’s day is here. Or at least, it should be, given how far modern diesel-powered cars have come. The Highway investigates… FORGET THE SMOKY, clattering diesel engines you encounter in taxis and lorries. The woeful clamour and sooty flatulence they emit are completely unnecessary in today’s world, for the fact is that a modern, well-tuned […]

Aussie biodiesel company, Natural Fuel, has broken ground for a new facility at Singapore’s Jurong Island, that will become the world’s largest biodiesel plant. The US $130 million refinery will produce ‘green’ diesel from rape seed and is expected to produce 700 million litres of biodiesel a year. While in the future it is hoped […]

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