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Eight Steps To Being A Green Motorist

1. Small is Good

Generally, an engine with a higher capacity produces more emission. Do you really need a car with a big engine capacity? If not, choose one with a smaller engine capacity – it helps to protect the environment.

2. Low Fuel Consumption

When choosing a car, compare the fuel consumption of different makes of cars with similar engine capacities. A car with lower fuel consumption will save both money and the environment in the long run.

3. Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device. Cars with catalytic converters reduce toxic emissions significantly.

4. Don’t Idle

An idle engine not only wastes petrol and burns your pocket, it also contributes to pollution. Switch off your engine if you know it’s going to be a long wait.

5. Smooth Ride

Abrupt acceleration/deceleration and braking consume more petrol than usual. Drive as smoothly as possible.

6. Regular Maintenance

A badly maintained engine is a common cause of incomplete combustion. It causes the car to produce more toxic emission. Get your car’s engine tuned and serviced regularly by your mechanic and make sure that the workshop has proper disposal facilities for oils and chemicals.

7. Air-conditioning

Switching on the air-conditioner will increase the fuel consumption of the car. Consider switching it off on cool days and winding down the windows instead.

8. Slow Down

An average car consumes 25% more fuel travelling at 90 km/h than at 70 km/h. Reduce your speed to go green.

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