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Keep a lookout for the unprotected motorcyclist

Nearly 30 motorcyclists or their pillions are seriously injured or killed in road accidents every month. Most times, motorcycle accidents involve a car, a bus or a truck although there are also cases when collisions have occurred between two motorcycles.

A majority of motorcycle accident victims suffer badly. This is because, apart from their helmeted heads, they are unprotected. Against moving four-wheeled metal vehicles, they practically have no chance against injury.

While motorcyclists are urged to keep left unless overtaking, not to trail other vehicles too closely, not to attempt overtaking a convoy of vehicles, not to remain riding in a car’s blind spot, not to weave in and out of traffic and not to speed, many tend not to follow these suggestions. Hence, four-wheel vehicle drivers must make it a point to be extra vigilant when it comes to sharing the road with these two-wheelers.

  • If a motorcyclist looks over his shoulder, be prepared for him to make a turn.
  • Be careful when passing young, inexperienced riders who may have difficulty controlling their motorcycles.
  • If you see two motorcyclists together, there is a high possibility that they will try to remain together, overtake and negotiate lights and junctions together. Bear this mind because if one pulls out, cutting it fine, the other may well follow.
  • Because of the helmet and engine noise, motorcyclists may not hear you coming. If you overtake a motorcyclist, try to ensure that he has seen you in his mirror. The line between life and death for motorcyclists is fine. Help them to co-exist than not exist.

Source: Traffic Police


Keep to the left unless overtaking, especially on expressways. Give way to pedestrians and other motorists even if you have the right of way.

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